Adlux Roof Windows

Classic Roof Window (Fixed)

A real tried and true Classic

The simple, attractive profile of this conventional Roof Window truly makes it a classic and the right choice for practicality and value. Designed and built for New Zealand weather conditions and compatible with all roof systems, the Classic has been the part of the Adlux family for almost 20 years. The robust fully engineered metal frame of our Classic Roof Windows enables it to withstand all wind zones.

Passive venting options:

Designed specifically for bathrooms, toilets and laundries, the Adlux Classic Roof Window Vent is made up of a permanent venting strip around the external skylight frame allowing it to become a constantly venting fixed skylight. Passive ventilation brings fresh air into your home by letting stale and humid air out. Vent roof windows are designed to allow air movement without energy consumption. This is achieved through the natural effect of hot stale air rising allowing the fresh air to be drawn in elsewhere.

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Classic Roof Window (Opening)

The ever-popular opening roof windows

Fill your home with natural light and fresh air with the Adlux Classic Opening Roof Window. Simply the best choice for any area requiring controllable ventilation.

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Download Drawings - Classic Roof Window Non Vent

Download Drawings - Classic Roof Window Vent

Download Drawings - Classic Roof Window Electric Opening

Download Drawings - Classic Roof Window Solar Opening

Mega Roof Window (Fixed)

The Adlux Mega Roof Window is perfect for all those roof glazing occasions where a smaller window just won’t produce the wow factor you’re looking for.

Designed and constructed in the same tried and tested manner as our Classic roof windows, it's suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Get peace of mind with fully engineered frames and site-specific glazing.

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Mega Roof Window (Opening)

The Adlux Mega Roof Window can be electrically opened for unprecedented ventilation. Create naturally cool, breezy environments for the warm summer months with the ability to retain warmth in winter. An incredible, massive opening roof window that creates an upmarket effect.

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Download Drawings - Mega Roof Window Non Vent

Download Drawings - Mega Roof Window Vent

Download Drawings - Mega Roof Window Opening

Mega Roof Window - Modular

Exclusive product for maximum impact

Available only through Adlux, our Mega Roof Window now also comes in a modular option for achieving lengths of glazed roof windows never seen before. Developed due to an industry demand for large leak-free glazing systems, our modular system can be used in many areas where aluminium glazing bars would have traditionally been. Unlike glazing bars, our modular systems are fully factory glazed units coupled together on site with minimal fuss and maximum result.

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Eco Skylight

The revolutionary eco skylight offers a new option

The eco Skylight roof window is constructed from energy-saving fully thermal materials. It features a high quality ABS frame, which is UV-stabilised. The UV-inhibited glazing has been designed to eliminate UV exposure to any structural parts. The double-glazed units are made from low-emission toughened glass, argon-filled, and a tempered laminate using PVB for high UV block. This ensures fade protection for indoor furnishings – making it suitable for both residential and commercial projects

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Download Drawings - Adlux Eco Roof Window

Round Roof Window

Make it the feature of the whole room

Get creative when designing your next project and think outside the square! Along with maximum sunlight the Adlux Round Roof Window is an impressive feature skylight delivering a dramatic departure from the ordinary and will become the center piece of any project. Our fully engineered system can be custom made, and is compatible with all roof types.

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