Adlux Roof Windows

Classic Roof Window - Fixed/Opening/Venting

A real Tried and True classic

At home in a modern build and much as a heritage renovation the clean lines and enduring timelessness of our Classic Roof Window makes for a real classic. Designed and Built in New Zealand the Classic has been the part of the Adlux family for almost 20 years. Upstand mounted for simple installation makes this a favourite with builders and roofers alike.

Download Drawings - Classic Roof Window Non Vent

Download Drawings - Classic Roof Window Vent

Mega Roof Window (Fixed)

Let there be light.

Mega Roof Window (Opening)

Open up to the sky

Mega Roof Window (Modular)

Make your project more impressive than ever before

Download Drawings - Mega Roof Window Non Vent

Download Drawings - Mega Roof Window Vent

Download Drawings
Download Drawings

Eco Skylight

The revolutionary eco skylight offers a new optiont

The eco Skylight roof window is constructed from energy-saving fully thermal materials. It features a high quality ABS frame, which is UV-stabilised. The UV-inhibited glazing has been designed to eliminate UV exposure to any structural parts. The double-glazed units are made from low-emission toughened glass, argon-filled, and a tempered laminate using PVB for high UV block. This ensures fade protection for indoor furnishings – making it suitable for both residential and commercial projects

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Round Roof Window

Make it the feature of the whole room

An Impressive feature skylight the Round Roof Window delivers a dramatic departure from the ordinary to either complement or dominate your design.

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Blinds for Adlux Roof Windows

Control the light with the correct blind

Adlux has a range of bling options from manual pleated blinds through to solar powered electric blackout options. Contact Adlux with specific requirements

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