Adlux Roof Windows

Harmony Roof Window

Elevating Skylight Performance in Perfect Harmony with Nature

Harmony, the latest innovation by Adlux, is a testament to our commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that harmoniously blend beauty, efficiency, and sustainability. Crafted with precision and designed to surpass all expectations, Harmony is the ultimate skylight that elevates your living environment to new heights.

Adlux Harmony is a groundbreaking skylight product meticulously engineered to meet and exceed the stringent H1 building code requirements. Designed specifically for New Zealand’s challenging climates, this innovative skylight redefines thermal performance while seamlessly blending architectural aesthetics with unrivalled functionality.

Fixed Non-Vent:
The fixed non-vent unit of the Harmony Roof Window offers a perfect balance of style and efficiency. Crafted with precision and featuring a thermally broken structure, this skylight floods your interior spaces with natural light while ensuring maximum insulation and comfort. Seamlessly blending with any interior, the fixed non-vent unit enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces, while its high-performance design guarantees compliance with the latest Building Code requirements, making it an ideal addition to create a warm, inviting ambiance in your home.

Electric Opening:
Discover the epitome of convenience and elegance with the Electric Opening Harmony Roof Window. This innovative skylight combines the beauty of natural light with effortless ventilation at your fingertips. With the simple touch of a button, experience a breath of fresh air circulating through your living spaces, all while maintaining superior thermal efficiency. The electric opening feature is discreetly concealed within the frame, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated appearance that complements any interior. Embrace sustainable living without compromising on style, as this state-of-the-art skylight sets new standards of performance and aesthetics in the world of roof windows.

Harmony Roof Window features

  • Thermally broken aluminium frame Opening from Uf 1.915 / Fixed from Uf 0.840
  • Fully welded corners
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Flush glazed glass-to-edge design
  • Double and Triple glazing options
  • Low-E and warm edge glazing as standard
  • Factory pre-glazed for easy installation
  • Standard or colour matched powder coat options
  • Simple upstand mount installation
  • 5 ° Recommended minimum pitch
  • Optional black edging to glazing

Adlux Harmony Roof Window

Classic Roof Window (Fixed)

A real tried and true Classic

At home in a modern build as much as a heritage renovation, the simple, attractive profile of this conventional Roof Window truly makes it a classic and the right choice for practicality and value.

As a fixed window, that does not open and close, it provides a permanent view of the sky or surroundings, making it ideal for areas where natural light and aesthetics are desired.

Overall, the Classic Roof Window offers a practical and cost-effective solution for bringing natural light into the interior space while maintaining a classic and elegant appearance. It is a popular choice for various roof applications due to its versatility and time-tested design.

Classic Roof Window (Fixed) features

  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Custom shapes possible
  • Single/double glazing
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Compatible with all roof systems

Classic Roof Window Non Vent

Classic Roof Window (Opening)

The ever-popular opening roof windows

Fill your home with natural light and fresh air with the Adlux Classic Opening Roof Window. Simply the best choice for any area requiring controllable ventilation.

Classic Roof Window (Opening) features

  • Motorised opening
  • Rain sensor options
  • Remote switch
  • Custom sizes available
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Compatible with all roof systems

Classic Roof Window Electric Opening

Classic Roof Window Solar Opening

Mega Roof Window (Fixed)

The Adlux Mega Roof Window is perfect for all those roof glazing occasions where a smaller window just won’t produce the wow factor you’re looking for.

Designed and constructed in the same tried and tested manner as our Classic roof windows, it's suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Get peace of mind with fully engineered frames and site-specific glazing.

Mega Roof Window (Fixed) features

  • Fully engineered frame
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Double/single glazing
  • Choice of glazing specs
  • Custom sizes available
  • Low-profile metal outer
  • Full colour range

Mega Roof Window Non Vent

Mega Roof Window (Opening)

The Adlux Mega Roof Window can be electrically opened for unprecedented ventilation. Create naturally cool, breezy environments for the warm summer months with the ability to retain warmth in winter. An incredible, massive opening roof window that creates an upmarket effect.

Mega Roof Window (Opening) features

  • Twin electric openers
  • Rain and wind sensor options
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Install in any orientation
  • Hidden opener detail option
  • Connectable to home automation system
  • Powder coated to colour of your choice
  • Standard and custom sizes

Mega Roof Window Opening

Mega Roof Window - Modular

Exclusive product for maximum impact

Available only through Adlux, our Mega Roof Window now also comes in a modular option for achieving lengths of glazed roof windows never seen before. Developed due to an industry demand for large leak-free glazing systems, our modular system can be used in many areas where aluminium glazing bars would have traditionally been. Unlike glazing bars, our modular systems are fully factory glazed units coupled together on site with minimal fuss and maximum result.

Mega Roof Window (Modular) features

  • Install in any orientation
  • Perimeter condensation gutters including joins
  • No limit to the length achievable
  • Powder coated to colour of your choice
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Simple upstand-type installation
  • Fully compatible with all roofing system flashings
  • Low profile for a discreet appearance on the roof
  • Butt into wall/parapet or join over a ridge
  • Custom made

Round Roof Window

Make it the feature of the whole room

Get creative when designing your next project and think outside the square! Along with maximum sunlight the Adlux Round Roof Window is an impressive feature skylight delivering a dramatic departure from the ordinary and will become the center piece of any project. Our fully engineered system can be custom made, and is compatible with all roof types.

Round Roof Window features

  • Passive Venting Option
  • Six standard sized up to 2.1m diameter
  • Integrally engineered
  • Custom sizing
  • Roof pitch range 5 - 60 degrees
  • Compatible with all roof systems