Do I need building consent to install a Skylight?

AThe answer to this is not always.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment have a Guidance Document on Exempt Works and states "New Zealand’s building legislation recognises that a number of things we do which are considered ‘building work’ are low risk, so do not require a building consent."

An example of exempt works given is as follows. "Installing a roof window to an upper level apartment of a 2 storey multi-unit dwelling (ie an apartment building). The skylight will be installed between the existing roof trusses without altering any specified systems"

Also in the document is the following statement "All new building work must comply with the Building Code, including the structural performance requirements. Also note that, on completion of the building work, the altered building must comply with the Building Code to at least the same extent as it did before the building work was undertaken."

So in summary if the installation does not require any structural changes to the building element and is completed to comply with the Building Code a building consent most likely isn't required.

Read the full document in the link below.

MBIE Guidance Document

What are the main benefits of natural light?

AThe benefits felt when building designs deliver ample daylight, and interiors are flooded with natural daylight, are innumerable. More natural daylight means decreased energy bills and a lower carbon footprint.

- Hospitals where less medicine is needed, where patients recover faster, where staff enjoy their environment.

-Schools where academic performance is raised, where better behaviour blossoms, where futures seem brighter.

- Workplaces where productivity is lifted, staff recruitment and retention increases, and the bottom line is boosted.

- New homes with lower energy costs and healthier, happier occupants.

All achieved through enhanced daylight levels.

Who can install Adlux products?

AAdlux products are normally installed by a roofer or builder however our products don't require specialized expertise and anyone with a knowledge of roofing can install our products.

We do also have recommended installers should you require the installation to be completed for you, however this is not a requirement.

Where can I purchase Adlux products?

AAll our products can be purchased direct from Adlux or you can order through your local building merchant.

Do Adlux skylighting products have rubber or mastic weather seals?

ANo Adlux products do not use rubber or mastic weather seals.

We have been in this industry for a long time and the most common failure we see is seals and we do not like our products to fail. We understand the uniqueness of the New Zealand environment and how the harsh UV combined with a lot of coastal areas work together to damage seals often resulting in shrinkage, hardening and loosening, this in turn results in water ingress and damage to the building.

What is your product Warranty?

A15 Years

- Maxlight Tubular Skylights


10 Years

- Adlux Roof Windows

- Adlux Acrylic Skylights (excluding Skydome & Deklite)

- Keylite Roof Windows and Tubular Skylights

- Adlux Roof Access Hatches

- Vista Ladder Systems-------------------------------

3 Years

- Keylite Loft Ladders


2 Years

- All Electrical components


1 Year

- Replacement Skydomes & Deklites

- Glass Breakage