Keylite Roof Windows

Fixed Roof Window

A simple and cost effective way to bring in natural light

The Keylite Fixed Roof Window is perfect for bringing natural light into any building where ventilation is not required. Fixed roof windows provide all the same aesthetically pleasing features of all Keylite Roof Windows to seamlessly blend in and add value to your property.

Keylite Fixed Roof windows also come standard with Keylite’s integrated thermal collar for better thermal performance and unique pre-fitted Flick-Fit brackets for faster installation. With their high quality white polyurethane internal finish and clean, unobtrusive look, Keylite fixed windows are typically used in residential or atrium type applications.

Top Hung Window

Maximise daylight and natural ventilation.

The Keylite Top Hung Roof Window gives you an unrestricted view of your surroundings, visually expanding interiors with daylight, fresh air and sky views.

With an insect screen as standard, these windows are perfect for any rooms needing daylight and fresh air. Especially suited to New Zealand coastal environments and available as manual operation or electric with a remote control for ease of operation. Comes standard with Keylite’s integrated thermal collar for better thermal performance and unique pre-fitted Flick-Fit brackets for faster installation.

Centre Pivot

The most popular traditional European timber roof window.

The ideal choice of roof window for most applications, bringing light deeper into your home. Use multiple Centre Pivot windows to create impact in brighter, lighter living spaces and attic conversions.

The opening handle is unobtrusively placed at the top of the window and also controls ventilation, giving the option of fresh air flow even when the window is locked and secure. Centre pivot roof windows rotate a complete 180 degrees which allows easy, safe cleaning from inside.

Full Extending

Bring the outside indoors.

The Keylite Fully Extendable Roof Window opens to 45° and is perfect to create that outdoor space we crave in attic rooms as the multi-stop opening feature allows the user to simply push the window to any position between 0 - 45° and remain open for maximum flexibility. The window can also be used as a means of  the safe roof access or a means of escape in the event of an emergency. The opening handle located at the bottom is easily accessible.

Effective Ventilation is provided by the vent flap at the top of the window which regulates the air flow, even when the window is closed.

Blinds for Keylite Windows

Create atmosphere with our specially designed blinds. Control, block and soften daylight for every mood and space

Style Range

If Style is your thing, choose our elegant Style Blinds Range, it has everything you need.

Solar Range Blind

The quality and choice of Keylite Style, with the added benefit of our innovative, energy efficient solar powered operation.

Note: Solar Blinds operate on a separate remote to the electric windows

Style Range Blind features

  • Side rails for 100% blackout
  • Roller cover conceals fabric
  • Thermal benefits - reducing heat loss by at least 20% (BBA tested)
  • 100% safety focused cordless operation
  • Available with aluminium finish surround

Solar Range Blind features

  • A perfect option for opening and closing blinds in areas difficult to access
  • Handheld remote control
  • Simple to install - no wiring required
  • Brushed aluminium surround
  • Solar panel located in the cassette, which collects free energy from the sun

Clever Integral Blinds

Style Range

Solar Range