Tubular Skylights


The Tubular Skylight without equal

If you’re looking for a tubular skylight, then you can’t go wrong with this innovative and effective option. With a specially constructed dome, this product has been specially engineered to capture the most sunlight possible, while our diffusers ensure an even spread of light

MAXLIGHT® skylights deliver brighter, more natural and healthier light into your project than many other tubular skylights in this kind. Manufactured with solid, silver anodised aluminium sheet from Germany. It won’t crack or peel after prolonged UV exposure, is 98% reflective and comes with a 15-year warranty.

All the ceiling diffusers are thermally rated by utilising a unique and innovative triple lens configuration. The range also offers electric light and daylight control with a daylight dimmer, both mounted inside the shaft. Two standard diameters: 250mm and 400mm

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Maxlight Vent

Combine Ventilation with your Maxlight Tubular Skylight

An inadequate ventilation system can cause a build-up of moisture and stale air within the home so a highly efficient room ventilation system is imperative to a safe living environment. Maxlight vents are an attractive, tidy option with separate light and air ducts to maximise efficiency. As well as standalone ventilation, an attractive mechanical ventilation unit can be incorporated with your MaxLight 250mm skylights. This is a great option for all areas that require natural lighting and ventilation such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

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Keylite SunLite

Discreetly transports natural daylight indoors

Sleek, low profile glazed roof window with tube system that delivers diffused light indoors, the SunLite has a high thermal rating to withstand New Zealand conditions. Using our rigid Alanod Miro Silver with a total reflection of 98%, it provides highly efficient illumination with low transmittance loss. It’s extremely hard-wearing and doesn’t fade or lose its reflective power. Available as an upstand mount or with a tile roof flashing system in two standard sizes: 250mm and 350mm.

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Solarbright Budget

Great flexible tubular skylights deliver daylight for less.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight for your home or workplace. For spaces that need a little additional light, these products provide an attractive option.

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Solar LED Skylight Alternative

Harness the sun’s energy to light your home

Our Solar Powered LED Skylight alternative is a fantastic option for applications where the installation of a Maxlight® skylight is structurally not possible. SolarBright® Solar LED Solarlight uses a 40w high performance solar panel, quality LEDs and modern diffuser kit.
SolarBright® Solar LED Skylight is a highly advanced Australian made solution to deliver free lighting into areas such as garages, store rooms, wardrobes and bathrooms.

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