Oskura Waterproof Retractable Louvre Roof

A better way to enjoy outdoor spaces.

The Oskura Waterproof Retractable Louvre Roof is one of the most innovative shade and shelter structures on the market due to the retractable louvre slats that can adapt to any weather condition. This product type is mostly used by homeowners, retirement villages, hospitality (restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, nightclubs), and retail precincts.
The exclusive European-patented Oskura allows businesses and homeowners to have a flexible means to protect guests and residents from the weather or allow them to enjoy it fully. The addition of this structure, either free-standing or attached, instantly adds a touch of luxury to any establishment and a cozy outdoor area that can be used for a myriad of activities.

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Oskura Retractable Louvre - Vertical and Horizontal

Shade, protection, energy efficiency, and privacy are the primary functions ensured by Oskura Vertical and Horizontal systems, the innovative sunscreen system that combines a pleasant and modern appearance with the daily life at your home. Oskura Vertical stacks the slats in the top of the frame, to ensure minimum space requirements. In the version with Horizontal movement, the slats stack to the left or right (or both for even for larger openings), and can be either motorised or manual. . The system is extruded aluminium slats that contain insulating material for soundproofing the area.

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Tuttovetro Frameless Glass Enclosures 

Sunroom Tuttovetro frameless systems give any space a touch of class.

Tuttovetro (“All Glass”) is exactly like its name: a glazed unit made up of just glass, without vertical profiles. Tuttovetro offers a visual impact with no frame or vertical profiles and are suitable for maximizing visibility and overcoming the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.  

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