Sunroom Puro Conservatory - Thermal Break System

A corner of light in your home.

Puro is the new innovative thermal break system for conservatories that will enhance your home in an unique way. It has been carefully designed to be highly attractive with great attention to even the smallest details. Puro’s structure is ideal to create a comfortable and livable environment all year round. There are no limits to creativity: the Sunroom glass systems gives you the possibility to choose the configuration that best suits your style and need: sliding or folding door, or motorised vertical sliding windows. Shape, colour and features can be chosen based on the most diverse styles.

Enjoy all the benefits of daylight at its very best.

Without rivals on the market, Puro is the most innovative roofing system for conservatories, verandas and solar greenhouses. Thanks to its distinctive technical characteristics, Puro offers various benefits in terms of home energy savings. During the winter months there is a greater capacity for energy accumulation (solar gain) and last heat dispersion (outgoing heat flow).

Puro Conservatory features

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Thermal Break System
  • Sizes up to 6m deep
  • Certification of the structure
  • Certified Wind Protection
  • Water Tightness Certification
  • Led Lighting (upon request)
  • Motorised vertical sliding windows (upon request)
  • 12 color options