Oskura Unica Retractable Louvre Roof

New views, new horizons, new technological excellence.

Oskura Waterproof Unica is the exclusive bioclimatic pergola with adjustable and retractable cover. New views, new horizons, new technological excellence! Up to 115° of orientation, total louvre slat retracting, dual independent operation, excellent weatherproofing… definitely UNICA, unique, in name and in fact!

Thanks to the dual independent rotation and retracting operations, the blades can rotate according to the orientation of the sun at an angle varying from 0° to 115°, creating a comfortable microclimate, or they can be retracted completely and free your gaze towards the sky.

Ideal for commercial and residential outdoor areas the Unica allows you to experience the outdoors all year round and under any weather conditions.

Oskura Waterproof features:

  • Dual Action Tilt and Retract
  • Aluminium & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Insulated blades
  • Integrated Electric System
  • Motor Operation
  • Certification of the structure - EN 1090-1:2009/a1:2011
  • Certified Wind Protection - Uni EN 13659:2009
  • Water Tightness Certification - Uni EN 12208:2000
  • Glass Enclosure Systems (upon request)
  • Led Lighting (upon request)
  • Climatic sensors for automatic opening/closing (upon request)
  • 12 Standard colour options