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Natural daylight is equally important in our commercial environments as it is in a residential property. With around 90% of our lives spent indoors it's critical for designers and building owners to consider the effect of natural daylight on the occupants of a building. Natural light makes us healthier, happier and encourages healing, it lifts physical and mental performance and productivity and helps us reach our potential.

Adlux provides skylighting for many commercial applications, including health care, aged care, education, community centres and workplaces. From large glazed Mega Roof Windows in atriums' through to the Maxlight Tubular Skylight for offices and bathrooms we've got all bases covered.

Need safe access to your roof? Gone are the days when a tradesman could just turn up with an extension ladder and prop it up against the gutter and get the job done. Current health and safety legislation requires people to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of workers when they are exposed to the potential of a fall. That's where we come in - Adlux is New Zealand's leading supplier of Roof Access Hatches and associated ladders. A roof hatch and ladder system is a safer, more discrete and more secure alternative to external ladders. Whether you're building new or upgrading an existing building, we've got a safe solution.