Budget Flexi


Extra low profile dome, with simple, flexible shaft design. Separate light and air ducts to maximise efficiency. Two standard circular sizes.

Features:     Options:       Standard Diameters (Internal) :
Unobtrusive low profile dome Passive Vent 250mm
Mirror-like flexible shaft  Non Vent 380mm
Tri-wall reinforced metalised polymer Mechanical Vent
90% reflectivity rated shaft Solar powered vent
Self flashing for all roofs  Multi Prism lens
Daylight dimmer kit
Soft light matt satin lens
Electric light kit

Download Drawings


Electric Light pdf dwg dxf
Membrane Roof pdf dwg dxf
Metal Roof pdf dwg dxf



Electric Light/ MV pdf dwg dxf
Mechanical Vent pdf dwg dxf
Passive Vent pdf dwg dxf