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About Adlux

Adlux focuses on bringing light through roof windows to improve atmosphere, and on improving building safety.

With this goal in mind we aim to help you with your individual needs to use natural light, ventilation and access to enhance your home or building with roof windows and skylights. Adlux custom builds to customer specifications, as well as having standard sizing, allowing for flexibility to suit individual needs for your building project or an exact replacement of an old skylight. Adlux covers an extensive range of skylights and roof access equipment. Skylights come with options in Glass, Domes, Venting, Opening, Insulated, Timber reveals etc.

Adlux is a family business with a strong set of values, a vision for sustained growth and a commitment to continuous improvement. Staff in all divisions of the organisation are employed from a wide cross section of the community.

Adlux is dedicated to providing quality solutions. Many products have been professionally tested to Australian standards. Adlux is the only NZ skylight manufacturer making this commitment.

Our 60 years of experience and proven competency in water tight building penetrations along with a complete range of roof lights, roof ventilation, and roof access products has proved a winning formula for the company’s expansion. Our products are renowned for ease of installation and hands-on advice from our in-house installers has made Adlux an indispensable inclusion in many of New Zealand’s most outstanding projects.

Our History

1946: Adlux was founded as a manufacturing operation using WWII surplus gun barrel metal to make the ‘Portree’ brand telescopic window stays.
1960’s: The Company’s focus shifted from window and door hardware to manufacturing a range of quality skylights under the trademark of ‘Spandome’, specialising in domed skylights. Trading conditions weren’t easy, current import controls forced them to buy raw materials from their competitor!
1997: With fresh direction from new management in the late 90s, the product range quickly increased with the addition of custom sizing options for the existing range, opening skylights, glazed Roof Windows, and more.
1999: To reflect the true nature of the reformed business the name was changed to ADLUX (see definition below).
2001: The first proprietary hatch door manufactured in New Zealand by ADLUX.
2004: The founder’s son who was part of the new management retired to become an adviser
2008: Adlux extended the product range to become a total solution provider for building access, adding to the popular hatches with a comprehensive modular ladder system, walkways etc.

Origin of the Name Adlux

Ad prefix
a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant “toward” and indicated direction, tendency, or addition: adjoin . Usually assimilated to the following consonant;
Origin: < Latin ad, ad – (preposition and prefix) to, toward, at, about; cognate with at
Lux noun, (plural lu•ces )
a unit of illumination, equivalent to 0.0929 foot-candle and equal to the illumination produced by luminous flux of one lumen falling perpendicularly on a surface one meter square. Symbol: lx
Origin: 1885–90; < Latin lūx light
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